Episode 13: Medieval Literature, Fandom, and Manuscript Materiality

Dr. Scott Bevill talks with me about immersing students in the fandom and physicality of medieval literature to foster engagement. Resources for Medieval Literature: http://ift.tt/2syz8hO http://ift.tt/2hSgv1j http://ift.tt/Kbkz9h http://ift.tt/294YbKX http://ift.tt/2tixH4e Books We Discussed: http://ift.tt/2l3mq57 http://ift.tt/2tixzBM http://ift.tt/2syM6vL http://ift.tt/2nPPcZV

from LitBit: Literacy Research for the Teacher on the Go http://ift.tt/2szi9f9
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