Education in Finland with Pirjo Suhonen Transformative Principal 183

You need to have imagination. You normally need an audience to misbehave

Pirjo Suhonen lives in Finland and recently finished her Master’s in Education.

  • What school is really like in Finland

  • Give a lot of value to childhood and play

  • Prefer to let them play and explore

  • School is 4-5 hours


  • Preschool is up to 7 years old (only 4 hours per day, play rather than book learning)

  • Play leads to more self-motivated learning

  • Demanding a lot, but giving a lot

  • Design Factory in Espol.

  • Instead of just having a chat with someone in the coffee room only, you have open channels of Skype in other coffee rooms in other countries.

  • If kids can teach coding, anyone can learn it!

  • Pirjo’s MOOC

  • Broad national curriculum.

  • Core curriculum - 7 competencies

  • Perseverance.

  • Competencies give you the why you are in school.

  • How to teach perseverance

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