BONUS: A look inside the Mastermind Part 3

This is a special BONUS episode celebrating 100 episodes released by Better Leaders Better Schools.
In this show, Danny pulls the curtain back to give an inside look into one of his leadership masterminds.
The Mastermind is now open. Click the link below to join ... 
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  • Our mission is to support people in education and nonprofit organizations to improve processes and enhance the performance of their organizations.
  • Our venture is a social enterprise and their vision is to catalyze sustainable change in our society one organization at a time
  • Our home city is Chicago but their work can be done anywhere in the nation and they are actively looking for clients elsewhere
  • Our current portfolio includes individual schools, nonprofit organizations, small and large districts and urban school systems
  • Our team represents and shares a stake with the populations we serve
  • We are strategic thought partners to leaders of public sector organizations
  • We ideates, builds and maintains easy-to-understand data tools using the latest analytics technology
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