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Take a bold stand, and bring about change. Increasing Expectations for Students with Sumant Pendharkar Transformative Principal 180 If you were a teacher in that system, you would have cheated, too.

Born in India, Sumant S. Pendharkar has lived in the United States since 1985. As a hiring manager in the computer industry for over twenty years, he noticed that many of the choices his associates had made as teenagers were catching up with them. 
An accomplished author of technical books, Sumant turned his attention to help children make effective choices that would increase their chances of success and be better prepared to face the challenges of an increasingly competitive global marketplace. With the publication of two well-received and organizationally endorsed books for teens, he became increasingly involved as a public speaker in local communities and a frequent TV and radio guest.

K12 Counts is the next chapter in his journey to provide the children of his adopted country the tools they need to make themselves successful.


Break the cycle of low academic outcomes permanently in a single generation

From an immigrant’s point of view, Sumant has written a series of articles to open the discussion on ways to make the youth of America become competitive players in the global marketplace. He welcomes your thoughts and comments.

Book for students: Raising Yourself: Making the Right Choices

  • Sumant’s background
  • Match a quality parent to another parent to help parents be successful.
  • Thought it was a career planning issue.
  • Should be parents’ responsibility to teach kids about career planning.
  • In the United States, kids have the freedom to make their own choices.
  • Growing up in a different country gave Sumant a different view to see issues that parents can have.
  • Go to college message is strong in the media, but not necessarily home.
  • Set the expectations for college at home.
  • Exit exam is a benchmark.
  • High School in San Jose.
  • How do we get Singaporeans to think for themselves?
  • Take a bold stand, and bring about change.
  • 2 sets of immigrants: Educated & Aware vs. Uneducated & struggling
  • Language level of both groups is the same, it is not an language issue.
  • Attitude is the issue.
  • USA is the only country in the world where there is not a sense of urgency for academic success.

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