An Individualized Education Program for Every Student with Scott Johns Transformative Principal 168


Scott Johns is a former high school CTE teacher, and now works for Education Elements, former educators and administrators who are passionate about education.

  • Student Reflection and Ownership

  • Students need to understand their role in their learning.

  • The power of setting goals.

  • Self-directed learning.

  • Small structured choices.

  • Integrated Digital Content

  • Computers/tablets/screen time is not all this is.

  • Lily pad, too much on one corner causes you to drop.

  • Integrated digital content allows personalized learning to scale.

  • Digital tools can increase ability to perform at higher levels.

  • Newsela.com and achieve3000

  • How to not meet just the needs of the middle.

  • How to meet the needs of the high and low.

  • How to be a transformative Principal? Design thinking process. Empathy. Get students’ input.

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