087: You are welcome here with AJ DeLeón

Adrian J. (AJ) DeLeón is a first-generation college graduate whose passion to achieve equity and excellence for students has guided his professional career. In his work, AJ is always willing to learn new tactics and work with others to design creative solutions to the challenges they face. His work has proven to him that by investing in people and promoting new ideas in organizations, sustainable social change will occur.

After serving in several strategic roles at the district level of Chicago Public Schools -- including project manager, where he helped define the key performance indicators of the departments that encompassed the office that supports college readiness in the district -- AJ decided to become an EP Fellow. He wanted to combine his skills in teaching, data analysis, staff development, change management, and strategic planning to accelerate student achievement.

AJ currently advises a range of leaders from principals, nonprofit and school systems' leaders, to his own organization’s CEO in his current position as the Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer with the CSC Consulting Group.

AJDeLeón Show Highlights
  • What does contrast really mean?
  • Where AJ developed his natural curiosity.
  • How to become an Activator of Change.
  • Don’t just sit at the table & join the convo … change the seating arrangement.
  • AJ’s love for developing people & how admiration motivates people.
  • Why you should “feel the wrath” of asking the question no one wants to ask.
  • The problem without being fully authentic.
  • Tactics for becoming authentic.
  • Know yourself & invite others into the process.
  • The story of starting the CSC Consulting Group
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