Standing and Delivering with Henry Gradillas Transformative Principal Special

Henry Gradillas, along with his co-author Jerry Jesness, has written a book that will challenge many common assumptions about public education. Henry served as the Principal of Garfield High School during the period depicted in the film “Stand and Deliver” about Jamie Escalante’s success’ and challenges. Henry is a well known Educator and Motivational Speaker.

In this book, Dr. Gradillas shares both his upbeat philosophy of education and the practical school management techniques that helped translate that philosophy into success for thousands of students over three decades. The books focuses on three areas that are key to the operation of an effective school: School Climate, instruction, and curriculum. It includes many references to the Garfield High School experience, as well as to other schools where Dr. Gradillas was principal.

  • How to adjust
  • Thebestschools.org prize
  • Kids are so involved on other things.
  • Teaching Spanish at 83!
  • Using today’s technology
  • How do you support great teachers, without other teachers wanting to cut their heads off?
  • They told me it couldn’t be done.
  • Why AP is so important?
  • Why is it so difficult to implement dual credit for high schools and colleges still?
  • Did not change one thing in the district policy, but interpreted to make it work.
  • Stamp of Approval for “Gifted” students.
  • How can we implement this in lower grades?
  • Infusing Math through everything
  • Teach it to students early enough that they would be interested in it!
  • How to deal with the difficult things as they happen:
  • Because you know you’re right!
  • I am so glad that finally the principal is doing what principals should do!
  • Give the kids the opportunity to say how their school is helping them.
  • Mandated Algebra for every high school student.
  • When you don’t give a class to a student because you don’t offer it, you start them out as adults in a negative.
  • When you’re in command, Command! Or get out!
  • How to be a transformative principal? Go into a faculty and staff meeting and say: We are working hard, and we have some problems. Give me one thing that I can do to help you and make your teaching more effective? Secondly, give me one thing that I can do in the long-term to help you be more effective? Third, give me something that will improve what your doing for next year? Then what can you do yourself to move this along.
  • How Jethro increased attendance

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