33 – Reflecting on a Podcast (with Dr. Greg Goins @wfsuper)

Episode: 33 – Reflecting on a Podcast

Hosts: Jeff Herb and Dr. Greg Goins

Website: drgreggoins.com



Sorry the audio quality isn’t the best – this episode was recorded on location without my normal rig.

Check out Greg’s podcast, The Goin Digital Show, on iTunes.

The keynote speakers we discussed were Eric Sheninger (@E_Scheninger) and Joe Sanfelippo (@joesanfelippofc) – definitely worth following on Twitter and you should check out their books:

We also discussed some of the concepts from Todd Nesloney and Adam Welcome’s sessions and book, Kids Deserve It.

Todd Nesloney – @TechNinjaTodd
Adam Welcome – @awelcome

Link to Kids Deserve It on Amazon


As always, feel free to reach out to Jeff Herb on Twitter (@jeffherb)

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