078: Unconventional leadership with Jessica Cabeen

Jessica Cabeen has been a Kindergarten Principal in Austin Minnesota for the past 5 years.  Previous to this she was an assistant middle school principal and special education supervisor.  Her teaching career included work in special education and as a music therapist.  She facilitates the Minnesota P3 Principal Leadership series as well the Principal Academy through the University of Minnesota.  She is passionate about leading in the early years and supporting other leaders in gaining balance between the business of school and life.  

Jessica Cabeen Show Highlights
  • Leading with joy
  • How her understanding of Early Childhood development has formed her understanding of the principalship
  • High interest activities you can bring to your early childhood campus today!
  • Coding club for Kindergarten
  • How to offer amazing experiences even when you are scared or clueless
  • What principals need to do to grow into the role
  • Feedback can hurt … here’s how to deal with it
  • Listen, learn, then lead
  • Set boundaries between work and home
  • Creating a playkerspace
  • You need to blog now
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