077: Content focused coaching that transforms schools with Lucy West

Ms. West is recognized internationally for her innovative, effective, and cutting edge ideas and proven practices for transforming schools into multi-generational learning communities that thrive in the 21st century. She is uniquely qualified to assist school districts across the country because she has worked at every level of the system from classroom teacher, to building administrator, to curriculum coordinator, to district administrator, and as consultant to urban, suburban, and rural districts.
Lucy West established Metamorphosis TLC after her outstanding run as Director of Mathematics Instruction in New York City’s Community School District 2.
Lucy West Show Highlights
  • How theater helped prepare Lucy for a career in education
  • Tips to healthy conflict
  • How to find out what really is going on ...
  • Listen more than you tell!
  • The ONLY way to introduce a new initiative
  • What are you afraid of?
  • Don’t follow a pacing guide … follow the kids
  • Contradictions in education
  • Coverage vs Depth
  • The power of content-focused coaching
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