076: Becoming is better than being with Adam Brown

Adam in his eighth year as an educator. After four years of teaching, he moved into a principal position. Now in his fourth year, Adam is the principal for grades 6 through 12 at Renaissance Academy in VA Beach. He is currently working on his dissertation at the College of William and Mary, Adam has dedicated his career to reaching and empowering all students. Adam is a 2014 American Educational Research Association 'Emerging Scholar', 2016 ASCD 'Emerging Leader', and 2016 ASCD Influence Leader. Adam is a presenter and currently blogs for Corwin Press, ASCD, and Edu-Rise.org. A student of leadership, Adam seeks to improve and learn from the world around him.

Show Highlights

  • How his parents influenced his career path
  • Avoid servant leadership mistakes
  • Mr Belding as a model for a principal
  • What it’s like to take over a new building
  • Systems that support open communication
  • Adam’s dissertation on burnout
  • How becoming an ASCD Emerging Leader impacted his leadership
  • Prioritization
  • 3 ways to find time to read and develop
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