LitBit: Literacy Research for the Teacher on the Go Podcast Joins EPN

LitBit: Literacy Research for the Teacher on the Go is joining the Education Podcast Network. LitBit, focuses on literacy research for teachers.  The podcast covers literacy research regarding poetry, new literacies, young adult literature, and RTI. Episodes about  graphic novels and motivated reading and writing are also available.

About Brooke Cunningham, Host

Growing up in internet culture, Brooke has always believed in the importance of freely sharing information, even if it was just sharing thoughts or fanfiction with friends. This became even more important to her as a teacher when she realized just how important reflection and collaboration were for tackling this difficult profession.

Brooke is pursuing her PhD at the University of Tennessee  where she is studying Children's and Young Adult Literature. Brooke sees this podcast as an important part of staying connected to what she is really passionate about, helping teachers find community-based ways to engage with research-based instruction.

Connect with Brooke Cunningham and her podcast on Twitter:

If you are a loyal listener of the show we invite you to check out all of our Education Podcast Network podcasts.
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