060: Are you afraid of success with Angus Nelson

Angus Nelson reached out to me to be on the show and boy am I happy he did. One of the best parts of starting the podcast is that I’ve made more friends and have been exposed to infinitely more awesome people than when I was in my rather large “bubble” of Chicago.

I really appreciate this episode with Angus because he is so transparent … and an engaging speaker! I guess you have to be when you present to places like Whole Foods, BMW, and Coke!
During this episode we get into a lot of fun conversations around leadership, emotional intelligence, grace, and empathy. I know you are going to love it … in fact if I’m right do you mind sharing it with a friend?
Angus works with executives of the world’s largest companies as a speaker, coach, and facilitator. He’s spoken at corporate headquarters for Walmart, Whole Foods, Coke, BMW and others; hosts an Inc.com Top 20 business podcast called, “Up In Your Business”; and has been featured on Aol.com, Huffington Post, & VentureBeat. His book is called “Love's Compass: How Do You Recover After a Lost Relationship”.
In this episode you will learn:
  • model approach of leadership 
  • how to become more self-aware
  • are you focused on the past or the future
  • TODAY (The only day that’s actually yours)
  • life is based in paradox
  • who is the person in the mirror? 
  • do you love yourself?
  • are you afraid of success?
  • the importance of what you are learning and who you hang out with
  • tourist vs engagement  
  • expose yourself to fear … you will grow
  • why we should be like arctic musk-oxen
  • what if we open-sourced education

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Do you need accountability?
Daniel wants to work with you
and help you accelerate
your leadership development
and increase your impact.

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