How to Listen to Students with Amy Fast Transformative Principal 133

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Assistant Principal Dr. Amy Fast explores the responsibility of our schools to focus on the mission, not the mandates.


  • Microbehaviors
  • Google Forms 6–8 questions
  • Created statements based on national student Gallup poll
  • hopeful
  • teachers care
  • connection to one staff member
  • have friends
  • I feel like I matter
  • have you ever experienced discrimination?
  • Would you report something bad that happened?
  • Big changes around professional development
  • what we do in schools has a lot more to do with mindset rather than skill set
  • Simple ideas are the most profound
  • Exit slips from teachers were more personal approaches
  • Changing teachers’ mindsets
  • What’s best for students is what’s best for teachers
  • Collaboration
  • How to be a transformative Principal? Teachers need to feel like they matter and feel hopeful about their future. Give staff a voice and let them know on a daily basis how much they matter. Let’s not fill their cups because they need to be there for kids, but because they are human.
  • fastcranny@gmail.com @fastcranny


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