An inside look into an education mastermind with Daniel Bauer

Today's show is special for a few reasons.

#1 ... it is released on my birthday ... WOO-HOO!!! BLBS has been around a little less than a year and to produce something to the wonderful community of ed-heroes trying to make an impact in their local communities is a great birthday gift to me and to you!

#2 ... Masterminds have been instrumental in my own personal, professional, and spiritual development. I participate in one and lead others through Better Leaders Better Schools

This episode is a "behind the curtain" look at what it's like to participate in a mastermind. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you consider joining. If you act fast you can lock in a great rate that will never, ever again be this discounted. Mastermind membership dues increase this August 2016.

Do you need accountability?
Daniel wants to work with you
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