How to Create Learning with Eric Hieser Transformative Principal 114

Eric Heiser is the Exective Director of Sturgis Public Charter School in Massachusetts, where students have a 20% chance of getting in if you don’t have a sibling

  • International Baccalaureate has programs from K–12 and early college.
  • IB Diploma program the best preparation for College.
  • IB Program is a whole conception of a program. Rigorous courses and also character building.
  • Theory of knowledge, Creative action and service activities.
  • Gain points for what they know, rather than losing points for what they don’t.
  • Very few multiple choice tests in the assessments given.
  • IB for All - no non-IB courses for grades 11 and 12. 9th and 10th grade IB Prep.
  • Students challenge themselves, and grow into their commitment of becoming all they can be.
  • Special Needs at Sturgis on the web site
  • Guiding points on vision: 1. Help each student maximize their own individual potential. 2. Student learning is why we are here and should drive every decision we make.
  • Moving away from the word teach and saying “How do we create learning?”
  • 3 Rs - Rigor, Relevance, Relationships
  • IB provides external accountability for Rigor.
  • Help students see how what they are learning is relevant to their life.
  • Relationships are enhanced with smaller numbers (2 campuses with 400 students each).
  • School culture has a deep impact on the students’ learning.
  • Don’t do ranking, valedictorians, etc. Want students to be their own personal best.
  • To help students be successful, they need a lot of support, counseling, and care.
  • Schools can unintentionally create systems and events that detract from student learning.
  • Recruiting outstanding faculty is the most important thing I do.
  • Relationship is the most important thing about school.

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