Smart Professionals with Kimberly Miles Transformative Principal 113

Kimberly Miles is the principal of East Gresham Elementary School. 425 kids, mobility rate 64 students moving in and out since the beginning of the year. 33 percent ELL students. SUN School - community support in the school.

  • PLCs
  • Leadership Team
  • 25 minutes each week with principal discussing the instruction and learning.
  • Instructional coach.
  • Essential Questions
  • Meet weekly as a team
  • Sense of urgency is happening.
  • PD for Leadership Team
  • Smart professionals can choose their own tools for the job.
  • Also more fun to let them experience their own success.
  • New focus is seeing students
  • Comprehensive needs assessments
  • Students need shared ownership
  • Specific feedback
  • Universal screeners for our students, they showed they were really struggling.
  • DIBELs gives an indicator
  • Phonics Screener
  • Still need to create common formative assessments to help students demonstrate proficiency.
  • Consultants come in to work with team to facilitate the needed changes.
  • How to facilitate difficult conversations.
  • Strict schedule is needed.
  • Really want to be a good listener as a leader.
  • How to be a transformative principal: Ask

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