Cybertraps for Educators with Frederick Lane Transformative Principal 110

Frederick Lane is an author, attorney, educational consultant, and lecturer based in Brooklyn, NY. He is a nationally-recognized expert in the areas of cybersafety, digital misconduct, personal privacy, and other topics at the intersection of law, technology, and society. Lane has appeared on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, the BBC, and MSNBC. He has written eight books, including most recently Cybertraps for Educators (Mathom Press 2015). All of his books are available on Amazon.com or through his Web site, FrederickLane.com.

  • Cybertraps - problems that people have dealt with for many years
  • Technology makes things easier.
  • We don’t have a good clearinghouse across the country.
  • Don’t need technology to be a predator.
  • Slippery slope of boundary violations.
  • Most common cybertraps: productivity within the school environment, oversharing of personal information, use of social media to start or engage in an inappropriate relationship.
  • Digital technology has a leveling effect.
  • Personal information about someone is not helpful in the education environment.
  • You don’t need to share information with your students in order to have a relationship with them.
  • Responsibility to educate students about technology.
  • Idea that smartphones need to have a learner’s permit.
  • Cell phones are the equivalent of high powered equipment that needs training and supervision.
  • Kids are experts in the operation of technology.
  • Our current adult generation was blindsided by the introduction of technology.
  • Develop ways of thinking about this to fold new technology into appropriate social interactions.
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