026: Dig deeper to find the why with Sean Thom

Better Leaders Better Schools guest  Sean Thom is currently in his 2ndyear serving as the principal of Brookfield Elementary School In Haddon Heights, NJ.  His school is a private, out-of-district placement for students with behavioral and emotional issues. The aim of the school is to provide a rigorous academic and therapeutic education for their students to ensure that they will be equipped with tools to be successful in life. Prior to this, Sean taught middle school science for 6 years throughout New Jersey (in Hoboken, Camden, and Millville).

In addition to being an educator, Sean has also had a patent approved for a student-centered teacher feedback system. This approach takes the focus solely off of student output and examines student input. The process allows students to provide instant feedback on any one of several key aspects of a lesson. He is currently speaking with several companies about partnerships to get this system in the hands of students and educators as soon as possible.

When he is not working on school or business-related tasks, Sean loves to spend time with his wife, their two-year old son, and their two dogs. He enjoys running, mountain biking, training for and running Spartan races, and doing whatever he can to stay active and involved. 
In this episode you will learn:
  • How challenges in school helped become a better leader
  • How to keep fragile students on track for greatness
  • The power of a second chance
  • There is a reason story behind every struggle and how to find that story
  • How to dig deeper and find the "Why?"
  • Stop talking & start listening
  • Connecting online to grow leadership development
  • Tom's word for 2016: Breathe ... And how he finds space in his day to recalibrate
  • Why school leader and students should start meditating 
  • Sean's patent approved system for soliciting student feedback
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