025: My chat with the '14 KAESP’s National Distinguished Principal

Better Leaders Better Schools guest Paul Erickson is the proud principal of Union Valley Elementary School in Hutchinson, KS. This is Paul’s seventh year as a building principal and 12th year in education. Paul has always summed up quality school leadership the same way he has summed up quality classroom teaching–if what you do is all about kids and taking them to unprecedented levels of learning, then you can do NO WRONG! He is passionate about creating and sustaining positive school cultures, maximizing collaborative opportunities for teachers, integrating technology, and helping others harness the power of Professional Learning Networks. 
LeadUpNow is at the heart of his own PLN. Paul has led staff development on the concepts of Technology Leadership and Professional Learning Communities. He also has organized and led the Beginning Principals Workshop for the Kansas Association of Elementary School Principals from 2012-present. In 2014, he was recognized as KAESP’s National Distinguished Principal.
Outside of education, Paul enjoys spending time with family and friends. Paul and his wife, Tasha, have a three-year-old daughter, Stelli. He is also a Big Brother via Big Brothers/Big Sisters and coaches a 5th Grade Dodge Ball team each year at his school through the local YMCA.
In this episode you will learn:
  • How to build great relationships through 2 key tips
  • When to use humor in your leadership
  • Why you should extend the benefit of the doubt to everyone
  • Paul’s use of a daily morning assembly
  • How being “connected” helped develop his leadership style
  • Why failing to disperse leadership is a key mistake
  • The power of taking risks
  • The power of planning each day
  • How to create a mobile office
  • What is group capital and why you need to know
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