Standards-Based Grading with Brian Edmister Transformative Principal 080

Brian Edmister is the principal of Genesee Valley Elementary School in Genesee Valley New York.

Brian was a fellow participant of the Model Schools Conference.

  • Attended many different colleges to complete his degree.
  • Design your own session.
  • Standards based grading.
  • Must create your culture before you change anything.
  • When you create a grade, you create a label.
  • Giving the kids a chance to be in charge of their own learning.
  • Schools Attuned
  • Giving teachers permission to fail at something.
  • 1 page of all academic, 1 page of social development on report card.
  • Levels of access can be unlocked with badges for showing digital citizenship.
  • Robot Farm
  • Allowing kids to demonstrate proficiency.
  • Communication build trust.
  • How to be a transformative principal: Build culture.

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